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City 2 Km
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2014 Jan Completed
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2015 Dec Completed
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City 3.02 Km
746 Number of units
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What you need to know about Cambodia

The average price per square meter for a Property For Sale in Cambodia is $1,980 per square meter and has 207 Property and 9,443 Projects listed in Cambodia.

Cambodia is a vibrant country in Southeast Asia, nestled between Vietnam to the east, Laos to the north and both the country of (to the west) and Gulf of Thailand to the south. The capital Phnom Penh is host to the travelers' favourite Royal Palace. Cambodia is also well-known for Angkor Wat, an expansive temple opened in the 12th century. Other large urban areas worth investing in include Sihanoukville and Siem Reap.

Cambodia, with a population of 16 million people, had a 2017 GDP of $22 billion USD, which has been growing 11% year-over-year on average since 1998. Urbanization is growing by 2.7% annually, sitting at 21% in 2017, fueled partially by a commercial bank prime lending rate of 11.1%.

Similar to other countries in the region, the Cambodian "rainy season" lasts from May through September, with the dry season making up the difference from October to April. Real Estate regulations are also similar to Thailand in that foreigners cannot own land outright, only the property situated on it. Land ownership has been granted via Cambodian nominees, leasehold agreements, Cambodian company intermediaries, and in extreme cases getting Cambodian citizenship. Rental owners often yield up to $1,500 USD per month. The expected real estate transfer taxes and others are as follows:

  • Upon Property Purchase - Transfer Tax of 4%
  • Annually - Property Tax of 0.1% and Rental Income Tax of 14% if applicable
  • Upon Sale of Property - Capital Gains Tax of 20%